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    Continental Home Trainer Tire 700 x 23C

    With a modern roller and the Hometrainer in the house, winter can set in when it wants to. Thanks to its special cold-running compound, the Hometrainer won't experience the heat buildup of a road tire, nor does it suffer the tread separation that the...

    MSRP: $80.00
    Was: $80.00
    Now: $72.95
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    Elite Novo Force Trainer

    Elite Novo Force Trainer

    Novo ForceTop resistance unit, innovative frame: excellence renewed Wide the range of use; revolutionised structure with improved details​ Features New magnetic resistance unit, very compact 5 resistance levels adjustable by a practical...

    MSRP: $339.95
    Was: $339.95
    Now: $309.95
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    Elite Qubo Power Fliud Trainer

    Elite Qubo Power Fliud Trainer

    Qubo Power Fluid - Our most powerful fluid unit ever, train simply in silence. A large flywheel completely immersed in oil enables high resistance levels to be obtained even at low speed. Features Unit 100%  more powerful compared...

    MSRP: $399.95
    Was: $399.95
    Now: $359.95
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  • JetBlack Alluminium Training Rollers

    JetBlack Training Rollers are pre-assembled and ready to ride! Frame designed for stability, folds up flat for easy storage and transport Aluminium roller drums give a smooth and quiet ride with no chance of distortion due to heat or sunlight High...

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  • JetBlack Magnetic Trainer

    Magnetic Trainer With Adjustable Resistance Curves Very quiet and smooth Five different levels of resistance for interval or hill training Trainers are pre-assembled. Ready to ride! Frame is designed for rock-solid stability for the toughest of...

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    JetBlack Pro Fluid Trainer

    The JetBlack Z1 PRO Fluid is a high quality, fluid resistance bicycle trainer. Fluid resistance trainers provide a more ‘road-like’ feel than magnetic trainers and this feel is increased by a higher weight flywheel. The JetBlack Z1...

    MSRP: $469.95
    Was: $469.95
    Now: $399.95
  • JetBlack Riser Block for Road and MTB

    The ultimate companion to any home trainer. It is placed under your bicycle's front wheel to elevate it to the same hight as the rear wheel ensuring that your bike is level and stable. The RiseMlti is suitable for mountain and road bikes.

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    JetBlack Sport Trainer

    The JetBlack S1 Sport Trainer is a magnetic resistance bicycle trainer that is perfectly tuned for fitness riding The S1 is an economy package that has a fixed resistance mode When used with the full range of JetBlack sensors You’ll be...

    MSRP: $169.95
    Was: $169.95
    Now: $155.95
  • JetBlack Trainer Mat

    Heavy duty and designed to protect your valuable floor from wear and perspiration while you train Mat also absorbs vibration & noise to make indoor sessions quiet Size: 90x190cm

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    JetBlack WhisperDrive Trainer

    The JetBlack WhisperDrive TM is a direct drive trainer with ‘whisper’ quiet and smooth magnetic resistance and is the first to be compatible with both 12x143mm and QR135mm/QR130mm axle systems. The direct to...

    MSRP: $912.00
    Was: $912.00
    Now: $799.95
  • TACX Blue Matic Folding Indoor Trainer

    CONTACT US TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM ONLINE Tacx Blue Matic T2650 Trainer With a maximum resistance of 700 Watts, the Tacx Blue Matic T2650 Trainer is an intermediate model in Tacx's range of turbo trainers. Featuring Magnetic Brake technology, 10 braking...