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Trek Lync 5


Is there a missing Lync in your life? then we have the Lync for you!  Trek Lync 5 now $1199 (rrp $1799)

Lync is a dedicated, low-maintenance, tricked-out commuter bike. Every detail, right down to the integrated lighting, makes getting from point A to B as easy and fun as possible.

  • Sleek integrated lighting features USB rechargeable battery
  • DuoTrap S compatible: track your fitness, map your miles
  • Disc brakes give you all-weather stopping power
  • Mudguards to keep the dirt and water at bay

Lync riders view their bike the way freeway junkies view their car: as an absolute necessity. Lync will keep your life in motion.

Drop in to the Erina Store or give us a call on 0243 652208 for more information.

View more details on the Trek website

Warrantied for life

All new Trek bikes come with Trek Care — the industry's best warranty and loyalty program. Register your bike and ride easy knowing we've got you covered.

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